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Question What do atheists believe? (Posted by: Anonymous )

Kate Answered by: Kate, an
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When a person believe that God exists, they are a "theist," that is to say, they believe that there is a higher power who either created us or has the ability to greatly affect our lives. Atheists believe that there is no higher being.

What do atheists believe? It is a difficult question to answer, because, unlike most religions, atheists are bound by their disinclination or disbelief in ideology, whereas most people who subscribe to a set of religious beliefs have a text, traditions, or other form of ideology to adhere to. Atheism cannot be classified in the same way that religion can, because it is essentially the exact opposite. Where we classify a person's religion based on their belief in something, we attempt to classify atheists the same way based on their disbelief in a doctrine.

That being said, atheists hold a wide range of beliefs and come to their own moral standards, independently of God and of the church.

The following are all generalizations about atheists, and it is worth noting again that because atheists do not have a standard to adhere to, there is very little to limit their theories and moral reasoning.

What do atheists believe about how the world was created? Atheists tend to believe that the Earth was created during the Big Bang, a scientific event millions of years ago that caused the particles in the universe to become ordered. Through evolution, or the ability of creatures to gradually adapt to their surroundings biologically, we have seen the rise of a many different species of animal and plant life.

What do atheists believe about morality? Atheists have many different influences from which they can derive their moral beliefs. Atheists draw moral theories from philosophers, political leaders, literature, and even religious figures, to name a few. It is a common myth that atheists reject the bible as a whole, and this is generally untrue. Many atheists view the moral advice written in the bible as good advice, much as they may belief that there is good moral advice in any religious tract or text.

What do atheists believe about politics? Again, atheists are as varied on their political views as religious people are. In the United States, religious people are seen as more right-wing, while atheists are seen as more left-wing. This is, of course, a potentially grievous generalization. It does seem that republican view points tend to favor religious conviction, while democratic viewpoints are favorable to atheist ideas. But there are many atheists on both sides of the political spectrum, just as the religious as so divided.

What do atheists believe about religion? Many atheists believe that religion is a greater hurt to the community that it is a help. While it is a myth that atheists are planning some sort of bloody revolution, it is generally true that atheists believe we would have a better, more educated world if no one was religious.

Atheists tend to believe that logic is more important than conviction, fact more important than belief, and material objects are more important that soul.

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Just make sure that you show the difference between a person who denies god, and a person who doesn't believe in his existence. A person who denies god claims to have solid proof to tell that god does NOT exist. Whereas atheists usually agree that they don't have proof that god doesn't exist, they just don't believe that god exists either because there is no proof for his existence, and just like you said, we also believe that religion brings more harm than good. By Paz Matz on 05-04-13 at 02:24pm
This is generally true. I - an athiest - believe the world would be a much better place if religion wasn't invented. Athiests believe in Science and the evidence that science has brought to us. We don't believe in a god because there is absolutely no evidence that it exists. We believe there is no such thing as a god, and that the bible is just a bunch of rules written thousands of years ago for people back then. By Dan on 08-06-13 at 02:10pm
Here is a link to a Salon magazine article I found interesting.
7/do_atheists_secretly_believe_in_god_partner/ This scientific experiment's results strongly suggests that atheists may in fact believe in the existence of God. I often wonder though how today's atheist justify the 55 million abortions so far in this country as being "logical" and why tax-payers are required to pay for them. As for harm done by religion, Kate must be including Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot as examples of benevolent leaders interested only in the well-being of their citizens. If the universe resulted from a small particle and a big bang, where did the particle come from and why did it logically decide to go bang when it did? This theory, by the way, was first posed by Monseigneur Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître, a catholic priest. By Alan on 29-07-13 at 06:23pm
Well, I believed that if there is a GOD the world would not be inflicted with all the natural disasters, diseases, starvation and early death. By Anonymous on 21-08-13 at 06:22pm
The world is inflicted with all the disasters, diseases, starvation and early death because just as there is a god there is a devil who is waiting for a chance for him to make God look bad. So thats why there is disasters, diseases, starvation and early death, dont always blame it on God. By Luis on 04-09-13 at 06:25pm
Where is the evidence of the Big Bang? And where did all the particles come from, so they could come together. Where did space itself come from? Why does everything have to be millions and billions of years ago? Why is there theory intertwined with facts to come to conclusions. I believe we all have certain things that convict us or do not convict us, what is logic (knowledge) more important than wisdom? Is fact more important than truth? Is ones being less important than ones possessions? Religions are made of man of what they believe there god, or gods are and have many facts that have to be changed along the way to satisfy there beliefs. God himself is, and does not change. He is the truth and any actual true fact will back up the truth. What we know now may contradict that, yet then again we may not have all the facts. People use think the world was flat. Gods word says it is a sphere, most did not believe untill we had all the facts. I believe these are called doubters. You need to first believe the truth. If not you may believe that you were dead for 9 months, then miraculously in a moment you became alive. A seed that is planted when it become firtle it begins to grow and has life even before it is seen at the surface. Logic, Facts, & material things are not bad, its just that if your missing something it might not be good, it might be God, I mean the truth, I mean a fact l, I mean some material evidence, or some logic. The Big Bang theory is a theory, what is there to believe, yet you would believe it still. Thanks, Joe By Joseph on 19-09-13 at 04:01pm
These are truly enlightening viewpoints from both sides. For the sake of argument and on the basis of disagreeing with the recent comment posted, I do like to say that such a thinking is pretty shaky and assumptive to say the least. True, scientists have yet to find a conclusive theory on how things began and how it is made to be but saying that this thus gives evidence to the presence of a god is unfounded. As an atheist, I personally go by the principle of 'is'. Which means that the universe and life as we know it came to be by chance or luck and that that the universe and the forces which create it 'is' just that, immaterial, unemotional and without thinking; it has no sense of morality and has no purpose. Actually, to personify it like this is a sin of sorts as it just is, was and ever will be. My thinking is also planted for the seeking of truth, but one which can be ratified completely with facts and formulas. There is no need to believe in anything, just living out life based on your own terms and making it count while it lasts. By Clemens on 13-11-13 at 11:39am
As a Christian Atheist, I believe in the moral standing of the man called Jesus OR the story of the man; whether that is true or not. I believe in the Earth and it provides our resources, I believe in people who do good. I have no argument with anyone who hold their own beliefs as long as that it is not detrimental to other people or the common good. Rejoice in diversity By Steve on 20-12-13 at 05:03am
Until we somehow acquire the ability to create or simulate universes like the one in which we live repeatedly in order to watch civilizations like ours come into being, grow old, and die - who can say whether religion is truly a bad thing or a good thing? It might be a "universal constant" and perhaps the best way to attempt to influence a civilization in order to guarantee it's survival. I don't think Jesus Christ wants to submit scientific evidence to prove His existence, but believe that if you ask Him into your life and accept Him as your savior - you can ask him for help acquiring faith and let Him do the rest. Google "can we create a universe" for ideas about how a God that desires faith might try to influence things that seem random in order to provide an individual with faith. By Anonymous on 27-01-14 at 10:50pm
Does anyone know what Atheists believe about how the world is so organized? I mean sure, there is the Big Bang theory, with the Red Shift as evidence, but how could an explosion produce a circular mass with so much order and design? With life on it? By Julia on 14-02-14 at 05:48pm
I guest if I was an atheists I would be making a lot of money immortally like selling drugs, stealing, being a hit man sense I would have no reason to belief that nothing happens to me when I leave this earth. By Anonymous on 06-03-14 at 10:10pm
This is a cop-out. Atheists who believe in "The Big Bang Theory" are adherents of a religion as well, they just can't bring themselves to admit it. Consider: the periodic table of the elements has 114 known, proven-to-exist elements, all unique. According to this theory everything started out in a hot and dense state with nothing but hydrogen, helium and lithium then exploded outwards to form the universe as we (think we) know it. Sorry but you can combine hydrogen, helium and lithium any way you want and you're never going to get any of the 111 other elements. That's why they're elements and not compounds, common sense. So either the other 111 elements magically appeared somehow (which itself defies science as matter supposedly can neither be created nor destroyed, just changes form) or Someone created them. Either way you're taking it on faith. Moreover, even were it somehow possible to make the rest of the elements out of those three it brings up another question: how did those three elements come into existence? They clearly did not just magically appear on their own or create themselves. So again you're taking it on faith. Another problem: according to an atheist we evolved from other primates which in turn evolved from other lower animals, going back to some point at which the first single-celled organisms came into being. Great, but it is also common sense that non-living matter, like dirt, rocks, sand etc. is never, no matter what processes happen to it or how much time elapses, going to somehow become a living thing. No scientist will ever be able to create a living thing, even a bacterium, in a laboratory using non-living matter. There simply is no crossover between living and non-living substances. But at some point some grains of something HAD to have mysteriously come to life, even as bacteria, for any of this evolution process to be possible. Common sense tells you this never happened yet atheists who cherish the scientific method above all else can't seem to figure out that they're putting all their confidence in a process that has never and can never be replicated in a lab. Thus they're taking the concept of living organisms somehow springing from dirt/sand/whatever non-living matter as a matter of faith. Sounds an awful lot like a religion to me, just one that doesn't require its followers to have any kind of moral code for their behavior. Adaptation is clearly a genuine, provable process, not a theory. It makes sense. Evolution on the other hand is junk science. Consider this: with all the vast array of different life forms on this planet would you really expect that there would be NO other creatures who bear a closer resemblance to humans than other beings? No matter what a human looks like there would have to be some species that is closer to us than any other creature is, it's common sense. That certainly doesn't mean we evolved from them, explaining why nobody has ever found the mythical "missing link". The Dallas Co By Billy S. on 08-03-14 at 06:04pm
Since the creation of man, the concept of a supreme being or a God was discovered because of man's desire believe in a power greater than himself, to help him or her life better. Religions were simply fellowships, where believers gathered to pray, meditate, preach, perform so called miracles like Jesus by laying hands on individuals. The people that say that there is no God, get humbled by unexplained phenomenon of a spiritual nature, life changing universal power. It does matter what you call it, atheist or not. The Creator is real, and makes no distinction, between what you say and what you believe miracles happen regardless. By Anonymous on 30-03-14 at 02:03am
Think about what you say before you post something because if you did you would realize how ignorant your comment is. Most drug dealers, hit men, mobster etc. aren't atheist. Half of them probably going to church on a daily basis. From my experience, from the people that I know that go to church regularly are the most judgmental people you will ever meet. In church jumping around like fool claiming to have the Holy Ghost and once they leave they're back to being the evil, judgmental, hypocrites that they truly are. Like what did you learn? By Anonymous on 30-03-14 at 06:06am
To all the "atheist", who do you think created the star for you're big bang theory? Who do you think tells you in you're mind what is right and wrong? I love and accept all of you because I believe in God. Good Luck. By st on 02-04-14 at 10:35pm
It is better to be an atheist than a theist who is a hypocrite By Anonymous on 22-04-14 at 12:58am
Wow. All I know since I have had faith in Jesus my struggles with sin have become less By Anonymous on 22-04-14 at 02:55pm
Well, here's what I think. I do believe people have their own opinion. But when I know something is right/wrong I'm going to stand up and say something. The Bible is very complex. Go read one chapter of it and ask yourself "How could someone just come up with that?" Yeah, It gets you thinking doesn't it? Exactly. Go read Revelation, if you actually understand it ALL the things in the book of Revelation is happening right now. You may not believe it but one day you're going to be begging for forgiveness and it will be too late. You're going to end up burning in hell for thousands and thousands of years. Now you're probably saying to yourself " Why would Jesus just go and let one of his children burn in hell?" Well the answer to that is if you don't believe in him then you aren't one of his children. Thanks for your time . - Let Jesus bless you . By Anonymous on 14-05-14 at 03:59pm
I believe in god with all my heart and I pray for the people who don't By Ana Mcghee on 17-05-14 at 11:11pm
Being an atheist myself i have to say I agree with the article But for everyone who is saying atheist are evil or have no morality i consider you to meet One because everyone no matter who has free Will and I don't steal or do drugs or murder I try to help the community and just for stupid people Wisdom comes from knowledge and truths are facts We are ideally the same but atheists just believe In one god less than you but in life religion doesnt Make you your choices do By Auston on 18-05-14 at 12:17pm
A lot of people are saying that there is no "Proof" of Gods existence, blah blah blah science. But Mind you all Evolution is just a THEORY . A Scientific Theory, Not a Scientific Law . And theories never become laws . By Yasmine on 29-06-14 at 09:30am
I have decided that the God of an Atheist is the scientist...even Atheists have to worship something..right? Better to believe in a Scientist than a Loving God!! By Lou on 07-07-14 at 05:38am
All I have to say is check out Buddhism, or if that is too general, read Pema Chodron books, specifically, "When things fall apart", chapter 4. There is a discussion about theism and non theism. Read and reflect on what you believe. Oh, and belief is the cornerstone of religion, not facts. By Ret Prof on 05-08-14 at 12:35am
There is a difference between religion and spirituality. I do believe in a power greater than myself. In fact, if you think about it logically, science itself is a higher power. For me, God is not in human form and is genderless. For me, spirituality comes from a sense of awe and wonder. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in synchronicity. I recieve important truths and messages from the words people say, the words of a song, a book coming to me at a particular time. Spirituality is a feeling that whatever happens, things will be ok and I do struggle with that sometimes. Spirituality is a journey. It is growing wisdom, a sense of purpose, rather thana belief in the randomness of everything. It is living in the moment and getting in touch with nature. It is finding that I can do something I found impossible to do. It is many things for me, but it is not religion. I speak only for myself. Everyone is on his or her own personal journey regardless of belief. By Linda on 15-08-14 at 06:31am
All I know is my Bible tells me every knee shall now and ever tongue must confess.. There is only one God! And some may not believe today but one day soon you will!! But I pray God has mercy and save souls. Some people run from what they know is right to continue to do right! I don't know about you reading this but I want to go to Heaven and to get the you must be born or the water and Holy Spirit! And how the bible lays out heaven and what I believe in my heart I would much rather keep His commandments and live holy verses taking a chance on burning in Hell for ever! Think about it and be blessed!! I love you all! By Brandi Crosby on 11-09-14 at 01:36am
people dont want to believe that there is a god just to live without concerns of what would happen after they die . they want freedom , they dont want to think that they will get punished for their actions or that there is something called "wrong" and "right". kinda like a denial. bcz in a moment of scare , they will call out for god By Anonymous on 05-10-14 at 11:50pm
"Atheists tend to believe that the Earth was created during the Big Bang, a scientific event millions of years ago that caused the particles in the universe to become ordered." Science fail. The universe as we know it began 13.7 billion years ago in an expansion often called "the big bang". The Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago due to gravity. It is made of material from stars that exploded billions of years ago, causing hydrogen to fuse into heavier elements. By Anonymous on 06-11-14 at 05:02pm
I believe in God with all my heart. I would be so depressed to think there is nothing for us after we die. If I am wrong when I die I have nothing to fear. People who don't believe in God if they are wrong they have a lot to fear. Have faith.. Life is much better with God.. By Anonymous on 08-11-14 at 08:04pm
Why bother arguing for Atheism? So what if people believe God exists? If they are wrong it is their loss. If they are happy with what they believe, why try to change it? By Anonymous on 12-11-14 at 05:58pm
How did 'science' come about? By accident? By Early on 05-12-14 at 10:39am
Why is abortion brought into this discussion? Religion makes it difficult to discuss abortion in a thoughtful, meaningful and appropriate way. For the Christian religious it can't be discussed as they have only one opinion, which isn't wise or good for the earth. If a newly conceived child isn't wanted, if the child is wanted because of additional Welfare or a parent can't or doesn't want to feed, house, educate or nurture it, that child usually becomes a menace. No one likes abortion but it should be free, safe and for whatever reason the woman or couple wants one. If a careless woman and man use abortion for birth control, I don't want them to have and raise a child anyway. By Lynn on 04-01-15 at 03:42pm
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