Who is God and why should I care?

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Spirituality in the twentieth century is a veritable candy shoppe of options and we the hoard of children who pass through it every day. Over 70% of Americans, who do not attend religious institutions, none-the-less self-identify as spiritual. The ubiquity of religious expression of one kind or another has made spirituality unavoidable, even for those who desire nothing to do with it.

Many would consider this a triumph, as it implies we have finally arrived at the idealistic society free of religious discrimination that the founding fathers had in mind. And yet, for being a 'triumph' no one seems particularly excited. In fact as a result spirituality has thinned and lines of distinction have become so porous that religiosity is lost in the meaninglessness of relativism. A person who subscribes to a belief system has to qualify it with a full conversation of clarifications.

It seems the kid in the candy store has become so overwhelmed with choices that the unique character of each piece of candy has become functionally meaningless. There is no specificity in the objects, let alone a specific object. Without a specific object there is no personal connection. Yet the innate human desire for experience of the divine remains. The end result is that there is an overwhelming population of people in America who are 'spiritual' but have no clear conception of, or often desire for, specific religious claims. In the end many people say, "I believe in God but I don't really care who or what it is."

What we have lost track of is the fact that God is not a consumable to be purchased in a flavor of our desire, used to satisfy a craving, and then discarded. "Who is God?" "Why should I care?" God is who he is, there is only one flavor and it's not about what you need but what God needs. I could say that God created a candy shoppe of human beings, but rather than being over whelmed by all the diverse flavors, he has chosen to love each of them individually and completely. God has chosen freely to need us, not out of some deficiency within himself that needs augmentation, but as an act of love.

God can love himself just fine and doesn't need our love, but he chose to create us so that something other than himself could experience his love. Because his love is so wonderful the blessing should go beyond himself. But in making us like him he planted in us the innate requirement that we must be needed, loved, and loving. So as a free choice he made himself need us and our love, to satisfy the deepest parts of our nature.

This isn't a vague spirituality but a relationship with a living person, who tailor made each of us to participate in his love. Who is God? He is our creator and deepest lover. Why should I care? We should care because we have an opportunity for a relationship that lasts forever with a person is knowable, specific, tangible, and loving. God is not a candy shoppe of a million things that are mostly the same but have a boggling variety of minor differences. He is personal, real and devoted to you as you are.

Who is God and why should I care? Because I was made to love and be loved, and there is no greater love than the real person of God.

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