Agnosticism and Atheism - Recent Questions and Answers

What is the definition of atheism?
DevonAnswered by: Devon, An Expert in the Atheism Myths Category

About two years ago my roommate told me a story about how his mother had gone to a catholic school in her youth, and all the different things that they would teach as facts. One o...

Does God exist?
KyleAnswered by: Kyle, An Expert in the Does God Really Exist? Category

In our increasingly secular world, many atheists, agnostics, and hesitant believers alike have asked the age-old question: what reasons do I have to believe that God does or does ...

Is it true that atheists are evil?
DevinAnswered by: Devin, An Expert in the Atheism Myths Category

Many people grow up in religious homes, with religious friends, in religious communities. Atheists aren't commonly encountered at religious social gatherings, such as at Church, Bi...