How do I answer the question, Is God real?

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If you want to know whether God is real, it is not always best to read books about this issue. Sometimes, science can be helpful, and if you think God is real, on your own, you should trust your heart. However, in the most recent years of scientific study, there has been consuming doubt about whether or not God is real, and there have been scientific books written about how the nature of God is an illusion.

This goes back pretty far to the modern writers of the early twentieth century, and a lot of them were beginning to doubt whether or not God is real. Is God real? is a question that must be answered, however, on an individual basis, and not one person can trust entirely another person to know whether or not this question has pertinence for him or her. Sometimes, we have experiences that lead us to ask a question, such as, Is God real? In this case, we can oftentimes trust our experience to be our guide, and to let us know, based on our feelings and the ways that we experience the world, whether or not we are on the right track with finding an answer.

To make a long story short, I'd say that science has a lot to offer, and I would certainly be pressed to take scientific evidence seriously. There is a lot of good sense in science, and books like The God Delusion and After Faith, recent publications from noted authors, can tell us a lot about the state of science and how it works to prevent people from believing that faith can change everything---because there are some things it can't change. But, if you have a sense of God's presence in your life, it might be for the best to hang on to that faith, and to try to make it seem as if you can live happily both knowing about science and also taking time to understand God in your own way.

In the end, what matters is what works for you---William James, in The Will to Believe, talks about how belief is what works for an individual. For some people, perhaps belief in God isn't necessary, and they may not feel that they need to believe in God in order to make it in the world as a competent individual. For others, this is a way of saying that belief in God---wanting to answer the question, Is God real?---is a healthy way of surviving in the world and making sure to trust what is important.

There is no "correct" answer, but the question Is God real? should be answered by each individual, as each of us comes to terms with the greater issues of life and what they might mean in the long run. While it may not be necessary to believe in God, if you do, or if you are wondering, you should find out for yourself what you think based on your own experience. This is the best way to know what you can adhere to in your life.

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