Is there a God(s)? How can you prove it?

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It seems I have battled with the idea of a God almost everyday since I stepped foot in a church. Born into a Christian family, being convinced sins are punished and miracles exist, I grew older and realized some crimes go unnoticed and most "miracles" can be explained through science. I have not the slightest clue if there is a god or not and some religious people do have faith. However, I do know that most church goers, and I'm speaking mainly about Christians because I have spent much time around them, only go for one of two reasons if not both. To say "I go to church" and to be seen and/or out of fear of what will happen if they don't. When asked "is there a god?" I can only respond with "does it matter?" If a God exist or not shouldn't have any effect on my morals. If God does exist then murder is wrong, If God doesn't exist murder is still wrong. How I feel in my heart doesn't change.

I am often to quick to bash the God idea due to past experiences and decisions I and others around me have made, but to see truth is to extinguish bias. So aside from my families choices, my mistakes, unforgiving circumstances, and a world of two faced friends is there a god? For as long as our species can remember, we have had some belief in higher powers but why? Do we depend on a feeling of hope, are we scared of what we can't answer, or is there always a man making a little extra money and gaining a little extra power from our ignorance? Religion breeds war, war brings blood, and blood breathes peace.

Its a comfort to know tomorrow is already planed out for most people but its a burden in my mind. Most religions resemble one another and contradict their selves. As science evolves religious figure heads deny science's truths, yet science seldom claims there is no God. How come when all is well church pews seem vacant and when tragedy strikes the world kneels? How come when asked "is there a god?" more questions are aroused than answers. I focus on the difference I can make each day, who I can help, what I change and when I finally stumble upon the answer to "is there a God?" He can't deny me what he promised his believers. For a man with no faith that stays truthful to his brother should be rewarded with the same prize as the man with blind faith who only spoke of it.

How about we don't debate if God is real or not and decide if we even deserve a God to begin with. How about the church uses it's unmatchable power for the benefit of its mass rather itself. I hear promising messages from wise men following or followed by "make a donation." Forget money and remember your neighbor. Everything always works on when it comes to life so make someone's easier when you can and the favor will be returned to your own.

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