Why don't I believe in God?

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I've been asked before,

"Why don't you believe in God?"

I don’t believe in God, in a God or Gods for the following reasons.

1. What exactly separates a Myth or a certain Mythology from modern day Religion?

Is it the number of followers? Helios, Zeus, Athena, Hades, Anubis, Chronos, Chaos, Osiris, and so many other deities like them commanded the respect and admiration of millions, They were all gods, all respected like today’s society respects Christ, or Allah. However, they were abandoned and forgotten, why? Adherent's began questioning the plausibility of a non observable, all powerful being. I mean I have gotten laughed at for saying that I believe in the Sun as being our God, or the different Gods for different seasons(I don’t really believe that), and what not, but the “season gods” or the “sun god” or the “spaghetti monster” and the christian monotheistic god can be refuted using the same logic.

We can't see it, nor its effects in a logically, scientifically conclusive pattern or manner, and thus we must come to the conclusion that such notion is at the very least questionable until further observation.

“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” —Richard Dawkins

2. Our Universe is so vast, unknown, and complex beyond comprehension.

Its origin, “where we come from” is so open for debate, science tells us big bang, religion tells us God. Science goes on observation, Religion goes on ancient writings, and in my opinion, speculation.

Its purpose, “why are we here” is anyones guess. Why does a universe with laws and rules exist? why does life live? what is the meaning of all of this? I don’t like how religion answers this question so closemindedly, you know?

Its future “where are we going” is like the other 2 questions, open for debate. as far as the human experience goes, we’re only on this trip for about 80 years, hoping we don’t die sooner, so if there is a soul, there is no way of knowing where that “soul” goes. as far as the universe, its future? big crunch? continuous? We don’t know the properties of our own universe, and if we don’t know the properties, then its hard to know what its future is. this is assuming we know what “time.”

3. We all are born Atheists./ belief isn’t justification.

We aren’t born with cross, or a birthmark with Jesus on it or something. If raised with no religious upbringing, we won’t believe in something,as a matter of fact, i think this might encourage spirituality rather than kill it. i mean im pretty sure people get curious and want to find out more to this life and its meaning rather than just school, work, party, repeat. but the truth is like i mentioned, that there is so much to be considered. My point is that Christians, if you were raised muslim, you would be arguing for Islam and its inherent righteousness , if you were raised Scientologist, you would be arguing for its righteousness. The very fact that you believe in something doesn’t make it true. none whatsoever. Just because I believe you are going to die as soon as you finish reading this sentence doesn’t make it so.

And thus, why I choose to be Agnostic/Atheist.

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