Who's to Really Say Where We Came From? Questions Will Remain Unanswered.

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Did we evolve from Adam and Eve as the popular Christian story foretold? Or, are we just an evolutionary product of the apes as Darwin tried to convince us? People have been constantly seeking solid answers to their questions about where existence derived from for thousands of years. Of course, this is why there are so many various religions and concepts entailing a world full of different stories and beliefs. Questions will remain unanswered.

To unfold the mystery behind each and every one of them we must ask ourselves, "what is logical"? Then, as I have myself, we come to find that there is no true definition of logic. Everything surrounding us cannot readily be explained. The sky, trees, water, critters, earth itself, and even our solar system is just a tiny (who knows for sure what the percentage comparison truly is) portion of an incredibly vast universe that has yet to be fully explored by our fellow human beings. Now, I am by no means a full-on atheist. I definitely believe there is some sort of divine being the reigns above and beyond all, but I am a skeptic for man-made religion.

Growing up in a Methodist Christian church I never felt like the Bible was anything more than a bunch of stories and poems written by men that either truly believed they were seeing what they were seeing, or men that felt the need to fabricate their lives into entertaining and hopeful words. Hopeful that is, for something else, something other than themselves. It is not desirable by most individuals to feel that there is nothing beyond this life on this specific planet.

It is extremely comforting to believe that if you live your life according to your "god" that you will live happily forever in heaven. Along with that, it is comforting to believe that those that do not live their life to that expectation will suffer in hell for eternity. These ideas do serve a commendable purpose: they keep a balance in society of right and wrong by teaching us the consequences of ethics.

Ethics is an aspect of Philosophy that dates back to the Greeks. The Greek Philosophers were definitely the most profound at attempting to explain existence. Every one of them had their own idea of the divine and what the divine expected. It is them that helped shape much of the morality that we continue to practice to current day. Many of the teachings of the two most famous Philosophers: Plato and Aristotle, are taught or quoted in colleges and law school. Ethics is an enormous part of law, because law punishes for wrong-doings and ethics explains what the difference between right and wrong truly is.

There is absolutely no harm in believing in any religion, being whichever one attributes most to your own experience in this life and makes you the most comfortable. The essence of my message is simply that on occasion it is necessary to question what you have always thought was the "truth", solely because it is all you have been taught. Gaining a personalized unique perspective on existence will open doors for many conversations, as well as many arguments with those who refuse to believe that their own is the only "right" one. Questions will remain unanswered.

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