Are you often questioning God's implied authority?

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If you are often found questioning God's implied authority and social control imposed upon your daily life that stems from the fear of the omnipotent and all-knowing God that you may have been raised to know in this era of "In God We Trust" then you should

take a quick look at to the root of this fear and how it pertains to social control.

You may feel it is bad or un-christian to question God's authority and that you're a sinner for having these type of thoughts but it is more normal than you might be assuming. Our minds have a tendency to question things despite how we were brought up which I believe comes from the very questioning that created religion in the first place and you need not feel like a sinner or a terrible person for having these thoughts, they're normal and should be looked into rather than ignored as a way to find yourself and the answers you're looking for. Whether you believe in God or not,

questioning religion and God's implied authority over our fate as human beings is a great way to really discover where your true beliefs rest.

Is one a sinner for wanting to know the truth? or for wanting to know whether or not we should submit ourselves to the wrath and rule of a supreme being? I don't feel that anyone should feel this way, it is just the natural desire of our highly evolved brains to search for answers to life's most elusive questions of "why?" meaning, why are we here? what is our purpose on this planet, if any at all and is there really

a supreme being with all the knowledge and power in the known universe as well as how did we get here?

It's all a matter of how we see things and really doesn't implicitly come from how we were raised, while some may put all their "faith eggs" into the religion basket

of faith and obedience from being brought up in such an environment, others whom have been brought up in the same environment may be constantly questioning God's implied authority over their daily behavior despite what they have been taught their whole lives, which is neither wrong nor is it evil.

Say for the sake of this argument, God is real, does that mean that his power truly permeates to affect the consequences to are choices here on earth or is does he want us to make our own choices on our daily behavior as long as we live honest and meaningful lives? And is it right to blindly follow ancient texts that have been translated and re-interpreted over so many years since Jesus' time? The mere fact that all these questions are typically asked by many religious followers is proof of the nature of the human mind to question everything.

Knowledge and faith are at constant battle due to the many uncertainties in everything, which is a constant reminder that, in the limited spectrum of our earthly existence, nothing in this mortal life can ever be perfect and one should never be so soon to jump to a conclusion of the reality of the universe. It is a great mystery which we will only know the answers to when we die.

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