Are Atheists Liars, Lunatics or Liberated?

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It had been said by C. S. Lewis that the notion of Jesus' morality isn't something worthy of praise. With this he states the three big 'L's that every person, religious or not, must contend with. Jesus was either a liar and his words were false, he was a lunatic who knew no better and raved on out of madness, or he was in fact Lord. The savior of man, son of God and the way, the truth and the light in mortal form.

I as an atheist have pondered over this statement for only a few moments before realizing the odds. Two to one, he is still not worthy of my praise, nor anyone else's. C. S. Lewis was a Christian, though he did have the nerve to examine his own beliefs so readily that I can only commend him for his proposal. Now I have my own to present to both the religious and the nonreligious. Are atheists Liars, Lunatics or Liberated?

From a Christian standpoint we could be conceived as liars, that we secretly know that god exists and choose to rebel against him. Yet the knowledge of such a being, even to those who believe in him, seems to vary from different religions. Even amongst its own group, the idea of god varies from person to person. If god is such an obvious truth, then why do so many people differ on this truth? It's very hard to tell a lie when the truth isn't even existent or clear.

We could also be conceived as lunatics. The notion that we are associated with the devil and Satan has been made clear to me several times while talking to people of faith. I do not outright say that there are no such things in this world, yet evidence and common sense lead me to believe that there are no good reasons to believe in Satan. Most religious people today do not believe in Hades or Set, and are critical of the faiths that are not their own because they believe outlandish things. Theirs however, is no different. That is where the irony and hypocrisy lies.

Yet from my experience and learning from others like me I can say with confidence that we are neither of these things. Most atheists have examined the holy scriptures and deemed them irrational. Some are responding to the actions of believers, while others have been raised in secular households. Those are the lucky few. One thing I can say for sure is that atheists, humanists, freethinkers and the like are all liberated individuals. They have freed themselves from the vice of religion and the ideas about god. They are going out and doing the research, using their own minds and observing the world from a widened lens. We are looking for a world that doesn't give religion the free ride from scrutiny that it's hoarded for thousands of years.

So here is my proposal for all: Are atheists Liars, Lunatics or Liberated?

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