What Are Atheists and What Do They Belive?

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What Are Atheists and What Do They Believe?

Simply put, an Atheist does not believe in a God. This idea may seem unnatural to many as religion has played an important part in humanity’s development and has shaped world events since the recording of history. The idea of a Creator God or multiple Gods controlling the events of human history has been ingrained into the fabric of society since we can remember however Atheists reject this belief.

What do Atheists Believe?

it is important to understand that many of the religious truths we are given as children are not so easily accepted in the questioning mind of an Atheist. Faith is largely absent from the life of the true Atheist as they tend to base their worldview on scientific evidence and logic.It is important to note that there are many different kinds of Atheists and no two are alike and their reasons for not believing can vary. In a broad sense, Atheists see no irrefutable proof of the existence of God and see the Bible and other religious works as deeply flawed, full of inherent logical inconsistencies and scientific fallacies. Whatever an Atheist does believe, it tends to be based on real life experiences and evidence rather than trusting the unseen or unknowable.

Is Atheism a Religion?

It is a common misconception but Atheism is not a religion. Typically religion involves a faith in a supreme being from which all creation emanated. At minimum it requires a set of beliefs and principles that hold an organization together. On both of these counts, Atheism is not a religion. The absence of a belief in a God denies the very fabric of religion and being that there is no set of rules of beliefs for Atheists, it cannot be said with accuracy that Atheism is a religion. The only thing that truly binds Atheists is a lack of belief and the trusting of empirical evidence to create their worldview. Some would argue that the commonality of disbelief is enough to qualify as a religion but this would be a false assumption as religion requires some form of organization at minimum.

Are Atheists Immoral?

Generally speaking, religion is not the deciding factor in what makes a person moral. This is perhaps the biggest Atheism myth although history has shown that through time, many religious believers have committed horrendous acts of violence towards others. Prisons are full of people who consider themselves to be deeply religious. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, only .2% of prisoners define themselves as Atheist while 73% of those in prison claim to be Christian. Clearly belief in God alone does not make one moral.

This also poses a false narrative that God or religion created morality but this ignores the fact that mankind simply could not have evolved to the point we are at without cooperation and altruism. Humanity would not have survived long enough to create civilization without sharing and working with one another, heling each other to survive.

Further research shows that altruism, such as rescuing a drowning person, is an instinctive reaction regardless of faith and triggers long before someone has the ability to calculate the religious morality of such actions. In other words, kindness is inherent in humans regardless of what they believe in.

Do Atheists Hate God?

No. An Atheist cannot hate something that for them does not exist. It would be like hating the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. It would be more accurate to say that Atheists simply do not regard the concept of God although many might hate the effects of religion on the world, but then again, many have no problem with religion at all. Although many see religion as a cause of major conflict and suffering in the world, God himself is a non-existent entity and merits no emotion at all.

What are Atheists? There is no simple answer that will satisfy everyone. Among Atheists, there is no common political view, world agenda, gender, wardrobe, or set of beliefs that unite them so it is in the end, there can be no definitive description. Atheists have no common bond other than sharing a disbelief in God for a variety of reasons. Other than that, they are as good or bad and varied as anyone else.

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