What if Society was Nothing More than A broken Reflection?

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People have their religion, their faith, their goals, etc. All of which guide and shape the path of life one chooses to follow. At the end of the day, we are nothing more than a reflection of one another.

In this modern day, life gives us a clear depiction of what really matters. We only choose to run from the truth; because with advancement in technology comes advancement in human capacity. The unfortunate circumstance in all of this, is the fact that we fill that capacity with an advancement in ignorance. It is plain to see that we proceed in every direction necessary to sustain false realities. If we close this gap of confusion, we can then close the outward moving directives underlying the common actions that segregate us on a daily basis.

History teaches us that everything that keeps our world whole, remains in sync. Photographs do not move, because a memory starts with an image -something that remains still in time- and the universe can be scaled to a sizable view, in which we see that we only succeed by working together. So my question to you all, "Why do we continue to undermine our potential?" Tomorrow could be our doom, and we would never know it. If we allow ourselves to consider the signs of segregation, and the extent to which it influences the progression of humanity, we would then see the extensive list of possibilities for a more successful civilization.

People instinctively come together, but we should fear that this vast social gathering has spread from its root: The root that starts with family. One that sets the foundation for that instinctive crave for attention. Culture defines our history and shapes the stories of our accomplishments, but it has been manipulated. Manipulated in a sense that although every human lives on the same Earth, we claim to have many worlds. Yes it is true, we continue to govern ourselves into differences world wide. "Though when we look in the mirror, what do we see?" Simply put. "A broken reflection." This common feeling demonstrates the unity that we share within one another.

This is key to understanding that the confinement of humanity rests with negligence; but why not tear down the walls that divide us. Maybe it is time for a unified culture, a society without barriers, one where we can control our self opinionated responses, and accept equality. Imagine a worldwide culture based on equality and advancement of society, both technological, and social. It is now time for us to take into account the ability inside of us all to encompass our unity with one another.

When reasoning with ourselves about humanity's potential to strive, the common thought should be out of concern for our planet's future, yet our minds are stuck on the latest trend in clothing. If we instead think in the vast knowledge of things, then we can see that a broken reflection is nothing more than a symbol of our inevitable fate of uncertainty: a symbol of structural failure.

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