What is evil?

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Why is that animals don't get depressed and that humans do? What is happiness? What is evil? Is evil bad? Is evil a necessity? What distinguishes us from animals?

Why don't animals get depressed. The answer is because we were built with minds that think and analyze everything. We care about how people perceive us. Animals live to eat, sleep, and procreate. They don't care if they hurt someone's feelings or if they don't get a good job. They live free of stress and anxiety. The only thing they have to worry about is shelter, food, and finding a mate. What if we learned to live like them...free of caring about non-sense.

If they face predators and battle with other species, are they evil? What is evil? Is evil natural? The animals are fighting for survival. The gore we see from them is natural. There is nothing going on in their head besides protection and food. Humans on the other hand over analyze everything and think too much. Evil comes from thought. You can have sound thoughts and evil thoughts. Thoughts can be evil which make those thinkers evil. Animals are not. Animals don't get depressed because they were not cursed with ever-thinking minds.

If people learned to live independently, they would be more carefree. If they lived like animals, they wouldn't care about silly things. How do we prevent evil? I would say first stop corrupting people's minds...let them think for themselves. Do not force a religion on to anyone because some people are weak-minded and have a limited understanding. If you tell a kid, he is evil for stealing, he just might think he's evil and become more deranged.

But isn't religion a good thing? Religion can be great if you have faith and do your own research. A lot of things in religion are unexplainable and cannot be proven. People need to look deep into themselves to become spiritual. Forced religion is not spiritual. It is in fact evil. Evil is when you do something deliberately to affect someone. If it affects someone negatively then it is evil. If you tell a kid to do something , and he doesn't understand, who says he is not going to do it again. Do animals have religion? Do they prey? No they do not.

If you disagree with me, how many religions do they have? Is it one religion for the whole animal kingdom? Do they believe in jesus? Or do they just live for today and enjoy the sun an comfort of earth? What causes happiness? Is happiness that absence of misfortune? What makes one fortunate? For animals, it's shelter, food, and finding a mate. For humans, it's status, money, materials, and family.

Imagine a world where people only cared about food, pleasure, and reproduction....where survival didn't depend on money, religious and political views. What if we didn't have language and could only communicate through action. The world would be a better place. There would be no dictators.

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